Selected news articles, blog posts, media interviews, and lectures

September 2017:  Diana on the Grow Big Always podcast

Diana was honored to be a guest on the Grow Big Always podcast with Sam Lawrence   

“This heart-melting lawyer will make you rethink non-traditional love."


August 2017:  Diana on the Multiamory podcast

Diana was a guest on the Multiamory podcast to discuss Legal Protections for Polyamorous Families


June 2017:  Diana Interviewed in the New York Times

Diana was interviewed by the NYT for a June 20, 2017 article on Same-Sex Parenting:

Same-Sex Parents Still Face Legal Complications


May 2017:  Diana Interviewed in Psychology Today

Diana was interviewed by Psychology Today as part of an installment regarding Child Custody and Polyamorous Families.: 


February 2017:  Radio New Zealand

Diana was a guest on Radio New Zealand, where she answered questions about LGBTQ law and nontraditional families in the U.S. You can listen to the full live interview here:


January 2017:  UCLA Law School

On Monday, January 23, 2017 Diana presented at the University of California, Los Angeles Law School on “How to Protect LGBTQ & Nontraditional Families Under Threat.” She discussed current LGBTQ and nontraditional family law issues, predicted what to expect under the Trump administration, and gave suggestions on how both lawyers and non-lawyers can support the community over the next four years. It has been well-received online internationally as a resource for activists and lawyers. You can view the full recorded guest lecture here.


December 2016: interview with Diana Adams

Diana was interviewed for a piece in Bloomberg Businessweek, speaking on how triads (or configurations of more than 2) can plan finances, and legally protect themselves beyond the traditional couple:

How Couples Do Money (


November 2016: VICE interview with Diana Adams

Diana was interviewed by VICE about her work representing poly/kinky/trans parents in custody cases & the bias they face. Notice the illustration at the top of the article, which may perpetuate the very stereotypes we try to combat.

How Kinky and Non-Traditional Parents are Punished by Family Courts (


October 2016: “After Marriage" Conference video with Andy Izenson

Andy presented at the “After Marriage Conference: The Future of LGBTQ Politics and Scholarship” at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in NYC as part of panel on “Where Do We Go From Here? A Roundtable Discussion on Future Fronts in the Battles for Family Diversity."  Watch the video here .


May 2016:  Woodhull Freedom Foundation Guest Blog Post by Andy Izenson

Blogging LGBT Families Day


April 2016: NPR interview with Diana Adams

For Couples Skipping The Ring, It Pays To Plot Out Finances


April 2016: Sex for Smart People podcast interview with Andy Izenson

Associate Attorney Andy Izenson was interviewed by Stephanie Ryan Johnstone for the Sex for Smart People podcast:

Get Rid of the Idea That Sex Can Be Easy


February 2016: Washington Post interview with Diana Adams

A therapist, a lawyer, and a sex educator answer our questions about polyamory


November 2015:  Vice Magazine Interview with Diana Adams

Death Is Way More Complicated When You’re Polyamorous


July 2015:  Huffington Post interview with Associate Attorney Andy Izenson

Polyamorous Attorney Agrees SCOTUS Decision Could Lead to Group Marriage


June 2015:  Reason Magazine article by Diana Adams

Hacking Marriage: Polyamory, creative prenups, platonic co-parenting, open marriage, and the power of contracts