Selected news articles, blog posts, media interviews, and lectures

September/October 2018:  Andy on Radio Kingston

Associate Attorney Andy Izenson was part of a live panel and community event hosted by Radio Kingston, "MeToo Kingston: A Conversation on Sexual Harassment," about sexual harassment and violence.  Andy spoke about Restorative and Transformative Justice, which we are actively engaged in as a firm.  

The full panel discussion is here (facebook live); Andy’s speaking part begins at 02:15.

Andy was also a guest on Radio Kingston on Friday, October 5th to discuss the confirmation of Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination.  You can listen to the whole interview here: 


July 2018: Andy on The Intimacy Dojo
Andy spoke with Cathy Vartuli from about co-leading “No Daddies, No Masters: D/s and Power Play as Anarchist and Access Intimacy” with Aida Manduley, MSW, Roo Khan, and Kate D’Adamo, at the 2018 Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit. 

Watch and listen here! 


July 2018: Andy on SexGetsReal
Andy Izenson spoke with Dawn Serra on the podcast @SexGetsReal about community, resilience, and masculinity. Listen here: 


July 2018:  Diana writes on #MeToo
Diana published an article along with the Omega Institute entitled 

Moving Forward from #MeToo:  A Revolution in Communication:

Lawyer and activist Diana Adams shares how learning the "soft skills" of empowered communication will keep women safer and happier. The #MeToo movement caused a cultural revelation about the prevalence of sexual harassment and assault against women. #MeToo is a teachable moment wherein we can learn how to better communicate about sex and consent as individuals and as a society. We can learn to better advocate for our needs and desires, and create a culture that will hear each of us...

Read the whole article HERE.


January 2018: Andy on
Andy wrote a popular piece for about transformative justice that addresses some of the motivation for the work we've been doing in this realm:   

Why It's Painful and Scary To Talk About Transformative Justice, and Why It's Time


October 2017: Diana in MONOGAMISH (Film)

MONGAMISH: the 2017 documentary film Monogamish is about Director Tao Ruspoli’s journey with consensual nonmonogamy. Diana appears as an expert in the film speaking on legal issues for nonmonogamous families, the coercion into marital relationships, and the movement beyond the nuclear family, along with luminary thinkers including her heroes Esther PerelDan Savage, and Christopher Ryan.


September 2017:  Diana on the Grow Big Always podcast

Diana was honored to be a guest on the Grow Big Always podcast with Sam Lawrence   

“This heart-melting lawyer will make you rethink non-traditional love."


August 2017:  Diana on the Multiamory podcast

Diana was a guest on the Multiamory podcast to discuss Legal Protections for Polyamorous Families


June 2017:  Diana Interviewed in the New York Times on Same-Sex Parenting Legal Issues

Diana was interviewed by the NYT for a June 20, 2017 article on Same-Sex Parenting:

Same-Sex Parents Still Face Legal Complications


May 2017:  Diana Interviewed in Psychology Today

Diana was interviewed by Psychology Today as part of an installment regarding Child Custody and Polyamorous Families: 


February 2017:  Radio New Zealand

Diana was a guest on Radio New Zealand, where she answered questions about LGBTQ law and nontraditional families in the U.S. You can listen to the full live interview here:


January 2017:  UCLA Law School

On Monday, January 23, 2017 Diana presented at the University of California, Los Angeles Law School on “How to Protect LGBTQ & Nontraditional Families Under Threat.” She discussed current LGBTQ and nontraditional family law issues, predicted what to expect under the Trump administration, and gave suggestions on how both lawyers and non-lawyers can support the community over the next four years. It has been well-received online internationally as a resource for activists and lawyers. 

You can view the full recorded guest lecture here.


December 2016: interview with Diana Adams

Diana was interviewed for a piece in Bloomberg Businessweek, speaking on how triads (or configurations of more than 2) can plan finances, and legally protect themselves beyond the traditional couple:

How Couples Do Money (


November 2016: VICE interview with Diana Adams

Diana was interviewed by VICE about her work representing poly/kinky/trans parents in custody cases & the bias they face. Notice the illustration at the top of the article, which may perpetuate the very stereotypes we try to combat.

How Kinky and Non-Traditional Parents are Punished by Family Courts (


October 2016: “After Marriage" Conference video with Andy Izenson

Andy presented at the “After Marriage Conference: The Future of LGBTQ Politics and Scholarship” at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in NYC as part of panel on “Where Do We Go From Here? A Roundtable Discussion on Future Fronts in the Battles for Family Diversity."  

Watch the video here .


May 2016:  Woodhull Freedom Foundation Guest Blog Post by Andy Izenson

Blogging LGBT Families Day


April 2016: NPR interview with Diana Adams

For Couples Skipping The Ring, It Pays To Plot Out Finances


April 2016: Sex for Smart People podcast interview with Andy Izenson

Associate Attorney Andy Izenson was interviewed by Stephanie Ryan Johnstone for the Sex for Smart People podcast:

Get Rid of the Idea That Sex Can Be Easy


February 2016: Washington Post interview with Diana Adams

A therapist, a lawyer, and a sex educator answer our questions about polyamory


November 2015:  VICE Magazine Interview with Diana Adams

Death Is Way More Complicated When You’re Polyamorous


July 2015:  Huffington Post interview with Associate Attorney Andy Izenson

Polyamorous Attorney Agrees SCOTUS Decision Could Lead to Group Marriage


June 2015:  Reason Magazine article by Diana Adams

Hacking Marriage: Polyamory, creative prenups, platonic co-parenting, open marriage, and the power of contracts



September 2013: Diana on "Special Arrangements" Panel

Diana was thrilled to be on the Polyamory Experts Speak On Non-Monogamy - "Special Arrangements" Discussion Panel: "Special Arrangements: The Changing Face of the 21st Century Relationship" discussing non-monogamy and polyamory with Sunny Bates (moderator), Reid Mihalko of, and Esther Perel of  

Watch the full video here!