Practice Areas


Adoption and Second-Parent Adoption

Diana Adams Law & Mediation, PLLC is thrilled to support the start and growth of new families, and pursues adoption for couples, second-parent adoption for the partners of biological parents, and gay adoptions.

Gamete Donation Agreements

Our attorneys negotiate and execute contracts between egg and sperm donors and potential parents and assist these families in navigating the complex legal landscape around these relationships and planning for a future that is protected from unwanted legal consequences.

Prenuptial, Postnuptial, Co-Parenting, Cohabitation, and other Family Agreements

Our attorneys mediate and negotiate family and parenting intentions between adults who wish to create their families with intention. Non-coupled co-parents, three-parent families, polyamorous family groups, and other nontraditional family members benefit from our support in clarifying and codifying their intentions and expectations around financial, emotional, and practical interdependence and future planning. These agreements can accompany or stand independent from a marriage.

Estate and Advance Planning

Wills and advance directives are powerful tools that our attorneys use to help our clients protect their autonomy and families in the event of tragedy. We support our clients in having the difficult conversations and making the crucial plans that allow them to live without fear for their family. We have created advance planning documents to protect LGBQ, transgender and gender non-conformng, and polyamorous clients, and create wills to fulfill our clients' specific needs and prove for their chosen families.

Conflict Resolution and Alternative Justice Practices

Our attorneys are extensively trained in mediation, collaborative practice, restorative and transformative justice practices, nonviolent communication, and a wide and varied range of conflict resolution tools. We take our greatest pride in helping our clients find peace and creativity in times of conflict, whether that's community disputes, family conflict, divorce, or any other kind of trouble. 

Whether through mediation, collaborative law, or a creative alternative justice process tailored to a client's needs, we facilitate productive and collaborative problem-solving in divorce or other conflict. 

We assist clients in finding out-of-court solutions to their conflicts, which de-escalates tension, minimizes cost, and protects the well-being of all involved. 

Divorce Mediation, Collaborative Law for Divorce & Uncontested Divorce

Our attorneys support the peaceful disentangling of our clients' legal and financial ties upon divorce. We prioritize resolving any areas of disagreement quickly, with a minimum of expense, and without the stress of court appearances. 

When there are areas of disagreement about finances, child custody, or property that seem difficult to overcome, we work with our clients to determine the best way forward. 

In the event that utilizing a court process is the best way forward for our clients, we advocate fiercely for them so they can move on in the best financial and emotional state possible. 


Mediation and Collaborative Law Generally

Both Diana Adams and Andy Izenson are trained, experienced, and skilled mediators and collaborative attorneys who can help transform conflict into understanding on many issues.

Child Custody and, when necessary, litigation in Family or Supreme Court.

Our attorneys are experienced with complex matters of child custody, visitation, and support in the realms of out-of-court negotiation and supreme and family court.  We assist clients with resolving these disputes with a focus on the well-being of the child and a peaceful co-parenting relationship, focusing on the underlying needs and concerns of each parent to find a positive and creative solution that doesn't force co-parents to be adversaries. 

Name Change, Gender Marker Change, and other Transgender/GNC Identity Document Support

Our Associate Attorney Andy Izenson is a leading educator for other attorneys on transgender cultural competency and legal service, and we are honored to support these communities.

Intimate Partner Violence

Our attorneys have over a decade of experience working directly with people affected by intimate partner violence. We work comprehensively through legal and extralegal avenues, including Orders of Protection, divorce and attendant work, safety planning, and strong connection to New York City's survivor resources and services, to give our clients the support they need. 

As well as extensive legal background in this area, Ms. Adams has also been a rape and domestic violence crisis counselor and a self-defense/empowerment educator.  See her bio for more information.

Contract Drafting, Negotiation, and Mediation

Our attorneys primarily draft family contracts, which translates into skill in drafting many types of other contracts, unless industry specific knowledge is required.

General Support for the LGBTQ Community Members

Our attorneys have been extensively honored for our direct and educational work in service of LGBTQ families. Our training and experience are in support of our commitment and passion to providing support and protection to our community members.